Wednesday, November 18, 2015

LinkedIn: Flatten a doubly multi-level linked list

Problem From Here: 
Given a linked list where in addition to the next pointer, each node has a child pointer, which may or may not point to a separate list. These child lists may have one or more children of their own, and so on, to produce a multilevel data structure, as shown in below figure.You are given the head of the first level of the list. Flatten the list so that all the nodes appear in a single-level linked list. You need to flatten the list in way that all nodes at first level should come first, then nodes of second level, and so on.
Each node is a C struct with the following definition.
struct list
    int data;
    struct list *next;
    struct list *child;
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
The above list should be converted to 10->5->12->7->11->4->20->13->17->6->2->16->9->8->3->19->15


We can first find the tail of the list. Then iterate over the first layer. If we see a child node, put the node to the end of the list and update the tail pointer. We repeat this process until we reach to the end of the list.

Code (Java):
public class Solution {
    public void flattenList(ListNode head) {
        if (head == null) {
        // Step 1: get the tail of the list
        ListNode tail = head;
        while ( != null) {
            tail =;
        // Step 2: iterate from the first layer. If a node has a child, put it to
        // the end of hte list, and update the tail pointer
        ListNode p = head;
        while (p != tail) {
            if (p.child != null) {
                ListNode childHead = p.child;
       = chiidHead;
                // Updat the tail
                while ( != null) {
                    tail =;
                p.child = null;
            p =;

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